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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bridal Shower

Okay, so I am sorry that I have kept you all out of the loop. But here we go...

So, today, Saturday, June 6 we had my bridal shower. It was the coolest bridal shower I have been too. Not saying that cause it's mine, but this was an unforgettable day.

First my poor dad worked his tail off setting up the backyard for us...it looked BEAUTIFUL!!! We just opened up our pool too so it was nice. Well, as a few guests are arriving and we are all mingling with one another suddenly out of no where we hear a huge shatter!!!! CRASH!!!!! I turn around and see one of our huge umbrellas on the grass just flinged over...hmmm? Okay? Well as I move the umbrella I see a huge pile of glass (from the table top) on AND in my grass!!! Uh oh...! So me and my lovely awesome bridesmaids, maids of honor and faithful and loyal friends, we all get on the ground and start picking up the glass. I was mostly worried about the grass since no one was hurt (thank God). You see, our family owns a lawn business so our lawn to my dad anyway is a top priority and with glass like embedded in I was worried what he would say. But once I told him what happened he was fine, just wanted to make sure everyone was okay.

Then...well, most the people are there we are all eating. The kids are by the pool putting their feet in. Well, my mini bride, Hyang, who I love to death decides to play around with one of the other kids. Well he was pretending to push her in but we are not sure how exactly it happened, but, she fell in. No one noticed cause she didn't scream, no splash, but I did kinda notice after seeing a quake in the water. So I noticed that she was wadding in the water which I thought she would be okay and pull herself out. But she didn't. She went into panic mode and was starting to sink, so I jumped in with clothes and all and got her out. Wow! This all happened within maybe a minute if that. People asked me how I did it and what was going thru my mind. Me being me, I said, I didn't want to look for another mini bride this late in the game, so I pulled her out. I was joking, obviously. So had to go change from my cute clothes to my not so cute clothes...ugh. Oh well...

The rest of the day was going great. We played many fun games (will post pictures soon). A friend and I the night before at a grad party had a cake fight. Then today we had a water fight (different friend). Then after that, my lovely friends, Mari, Sita and Ash decided to gang up on me and attempt to throw me in the pool. But they didn't think this little stick had a fight in her. I wrapped one leg around Sita's leg. How, I don't know. The other leg was going for Mari but she kept backing up, then my arms were around Ashley's legs. They didn't now even budge me. Somehow I got a baby cut on my foot but no idea where it came from. But if it scars, it will be a fun memory to talk about.

I had many wonderful guests, friends and family. You all are awesome and I want to thank you for all your support...and advice!!!! Hehe. I will miss these ladies once I move, but will always know that I have a place here in Colorado to call home and awesome friends to come back to when we visit!

Special thanks to my bridesmaids, my mom and my awesome friends...Carla (my matron of honor) for making my favorite dessert, Letty (my bridesmaid) for making that wonderful cake, Tammy (bridesmaid), Elicia (sister/maid of honor) and Billie Jean (maid of honor/cousin) for doing the games - it was fun, Barb (bridesmaid) and Bambi (bridesmaid) for the soda - it went far and it quenched our thirst Jackie (friend) and Felicia (friend) for helping set up, decorating and making all this happen and having fun with! Saved the best for last....Momma...thank you for making sure everything was done, taken care of, and always being there! These are the unforgettable memories we will cherish!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tiny Update

Okay, so all that is left is invites and flowers. We got all the girls dresses, alterations are in process, hall, even a church (Praise God). This is a short update, but just didn't want to leave those of you hanging. We are actually getting ready to send the Save The Dates out to you all...if I do not yet have your address and you would like a Save the Date/Invite please send me your address. I will be more than happy to send it to you. Or you can even visit our website...rendongoward.com. There should be a place where you can contact us and the email will be sent directly to my personal email. Again, sorry for this being so short, but will keep you posted with what happens...! Thanks you all for all your kind comments, we love you all!!!! More to come soon, promise. =)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Wedding Update...

Sorry I have not been updating the blog...! But if you ever had to plan a wedding or have been involved with it, you understand that there's a lot that goes into it.

Well, we were finally able to get a date for the wedding - July 18th, 2009. Yes, it's right before PEAK but with my pastor and his bishop and pastor, finding a date to get all three in one spot was hard.

We do have our wedding party picked out. There are a lot...tons of people in this wedding. Here is a list of who we have in the wedding...

Carla Montez - Matron of Honor.....Eric Goward - Best Man
Billie Jean Martinez - Maid of Honor.....Jesse Small - Best Man
Elicia Vigil - Honorary Maid of Honor.....Mike Harris - Groomsman
Barbara Williams - Bridesmaid.....Randy Williams - Groomsman
Leticia Rodriguez - Bridesmaid.....Steve Rodriguez - Groomsman
Tammy Dalton - Bridesmaid.....James Wilder - Groomsman
Melanie Peter - Bridesmaid.....Clayton Wyatt - Groomsman
Victoria Fletcher - Bridesmaid.....Adam King - Groomsman
Erica Stevanovic - Bridesmaid.....Richard Montez - Groomsman
Bambi Lujan - Bridesmaid.....Chris Sindle - Groomsman
Vanessa Mondragon - Bridesmaid.....Mitchell Elder - Groomsman
Shayla Smith-Madrid - Bridesmaid.....Clayton Smith-Madrid - Groomsman
Taylor Dalton - Junior Bridesmaid.....Miguel Rendon - Junior Groomsman
Melody Elder - Flower Girl.....Isaac Williams - Bible Boy
Cherish Kast - Flower Girl.....Aaron Burns - Bible Boy
Carly Montez - Flower Girl.....Judah Williams - Bible Boy
Hyang Archibeque - Mini Bride.....Jaden Coleman - Mini Groom
Cherry Vergara - Candle Lighter.....Jerrit Clark - Usher
Felicia Church - Candle Lighter.....Jeremy Nollen - Usher

You see, we just sold our church building and so we are in the process of looking for a place to have church. But we decided with invitations needing to go out soon that we will look for a place to have the wedding. So we did find a local church to have the wedding!!!

Now you are wondering the colors and if I have a theme...yes to both. Latte and Ivory accented with Champagne...and the theme is a secret. But once you all get your invites, you will deff know what it is...! It's going to be great! So I'm praying!!!!

Now the reception and all that great stuff...is taken care of, so is the decorating. For the most part. There will be a few things we need to decorate, but very minor.

Now there is still a lot more things we need to do, but it's the little stuff that won't take too much time...in Jesus Name!!! I have the best wedding party and they are all helping out so much. Plus I got some great friends who are not in the wedding, but who are helping out tremendously with the wedding...!

Special thanks to...my wedding party...you girls rock...so do you guys..Ashley Scheid, Sis. Scheid, Crystal Schillo, Reyanna Hicks, Bambi Lujan, Sandra Sena and many others.

We are working on a wedding website so as soon as that is up and running will put a link on here so you are updated with what's going on and get some info!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mini Update

Okay so you all are probably wondering what happened to my blog...well, I just have been so busy I have actually forgot about updating it. I am working on getting more pictures updated. Along with more information for the wedding.

While we were in Sacramento for No Limits we did take some engagement pictures. Then Kevin was able to fly back with me and we had my best friends husband take some more engagement pictures here in Pueblo. So as soon as we get some we will be posting them. As well as posting some information on our wedding website once it's up and running correctly.

So...stay tuned for more information!!!!!

Raquel and Kevin

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Engagement...

Our Story...

Well, as we all know. I just went to see Kevin in Sacramento this last weekend. Just thinking I was going out there to spend some time with him, Did not think I was getting engaged! Here is our Engagement Story...

Saturday we already had to plans to go see his family and then later on meet up with my family in San Francisco. We head over to his grand-dad's house in Hayward. Kevin later on became impatient. His grand-dad had us waiting around for his uncle and cousin to come by. But what was only to be a 30 minute stay ended up becoming about a 2 hour stay. Kevin kept saying that we had to go because we had things planned. I'm over here thinking, "Uh, no we dont. Just to go eat lunch and then see my family, we have the whole day." Well, as soon as his uncle came and we all took pics, we left. By this time Kevin pulled his cool together and we were on our way to San Francisco.
We hit San Francisco and what happens but the usual...TRAFFIC. This traffic was so crazy, but that's usual. Well, once we get into the city, it's about 3 pm. We couldn't find the restraunt where we were going to eat, cause them streets are so confusing. Well, finally about 3:30-3:45 we reach the Chinese restraunt Kevin told me about for about a week. Well, we drive by and we look and see that it's dark inside and looks closed...! What...! Well, our good friend, Eric Washington went to go see if it was closed or what the deal was. Kevin later on gets down to find out what's going on. They both come back to tell us all that the sign says Open from 10-10, but for some reason on a Saturday it was closed. Hmmm...? Well, Kevin calmly pulls out his iPhone and finds another Chinese restraunt. about 3 miles away. Now, this 3 miles seems like forever just trying to get there. Well, we finally reach the street it was on according to the GPS, and we still drive around for about another 10 mins trying to find it. When finally we just parked and decided to walk to find it. Well, we somehow ended up in the parking garage to the Hilton Hotel, or something, because we were totally lost. Kevin asked for directions. He comes back to tell us it's in the alley way...uh...NO! I was not about to eat in an alley of San Francisco. I was so scared. But once we go to the alley it wasn't as bad as I thought. What happened is that we were to go through the alley and it's connected to the hotel. Well, we go in expecting to eat some good 5 star Chinese restraunt. We walk in and it's like a ghost town. NO JOKE!!!! No music, the lighting was very dim, they had fish tanks with no fish or anything but just water and rocks in it. So I'm thinking they ran out of food. I mean there was not one soul in sight. Kinda scary, so we decided to leave.

After walking out of Chinese restraunt #2 I am hungry just wanting to eat. I tell everyone, "It don't have to be Chinese, it can be anything else. Look, there are way more other places open, lets just pick one and eat." My cute little Kevin responds like a little fat kid who wants his happy meal, "No, I want Chinese, I've been craving Chinese for weeks and I'm gonna get it." And you know what they say, give the fat kid their happy meal. So that's what I did, went to go help Kevin find his Chinese. My cousin calls and tells me of a really good Chinese place and we found it and ate there. Well, Kevin and I got our own table and the other two couples got another. So we are talking and eating. Well, the busboy comes and says, "Can I finish You?"...huh...? Finish me??? So once I finally understood what he meant I said yes and he cleared our plates. Then right away he brings us our two fortune cookies. Normal right...? Well, not for Kevin. Boy wanted more fortune cookies. He asks him, "Can you please bring me a box of fortune cookies?" Then looks at me and smiles and says, "I love fortune cookies, hehe (famous Kevin chuckle)." Then the guy says to Kevin, "We no do that here. Just those fortune cookies." Then Kevin looks at me like they popped his bubble and says, "No...can I have a box of fortune cookies?" Busboy says, "No."...lol. Because he was not in on the plan. So had no idea what he was trying to say. So Kevin just gives up. I get up from the table and head to the restroom before heading out, by the time I came back he had his fortune cookies in a box. So then we finally leave.

We are now heading to an art museum place. It has some ruins and stuff like that. He knew how much I love ruins and art, and thought I'd like it. So once again, getting lost in the city and it's about 7 pm. We finally drive around this huge building some exploritory thing, and park in the front. I hear Kevin next to me say, "You've got to be kidding me." Huh...? What...? He said, "It's closed." I say, "No it's not. There are people inside going in and out." He says, " It's not in there it's here outside, it looks like it's under construction." So me being me, "Hmmm...Under Construction, Warning, Do Not Tresspass. Yup, it's closed." Poor and frustrated Kevin gets out and says how he is gonna just walk around and for us to stay there. I'm in the van not knowing what's going on and trying to figure out why this crazy guy is walking around in the dark. The guys get out and are dying laughing cause I'm not catching on and they all know how Kevin's plans are just not working out. Then Kevin tells us all to just get down and we will walk around in a nearby park while we are waiting for my family. Okay, sounds good. So we get down and start walking in the park. But not without Kevin saying how he has to take his fortune cookies cause he loves them soo much.

While walking Kevin tells me how there were things over by the ruins he wanted to show me and it was a good place to take pics, but oh well. There was a little pond by the sidewalk in the park, so we are looking at that. And we find a bench to sit on while waiting for the others. While we are waiting, Kevin is over here eating his fortune cookies. Then offers me one; I was hesitant on eating one only because I didn't really want one right then. But did so he wouldn't feel bad. So as I am eating I am also taking my time. He soon offers me another one. I tell him I'll wait until I can finish this one. He then decides to get serious, looks at me and says, "Raquel, you realize that I can't live with out you, right?" I'm over here trying to stuff my face so I can have another of his fortune cookies, and trying to respond. He then smiles and says, "This is so embarassing. Raquel, you have got to excuse me. That Chinese food must have given me gas and I'm a little gassy." LOL...so as he gets up as to what I think pass his gas, he then comes back with a rose and tells me that was not the real reason as to why he got up, but was to get the rose for me (his friends dropped in too far behind him in passing to where he couldn't bend down and just get it). Aww, how sweet I think. Then he tells me, there is more and he has one more fortune coookie for me...really...? He pulls out this beautiful fortune cookie out of the fortune cookie box. As I open the fortune cookie I see I have somewhat of a fortune. It reads, "Raquel, My Quela Bella. You are the love of my life. Will you marry me? Kevin." As I'm smiling and before I can even answer, he drops to one knee and grabs my hands and asks me, "Raquel, will you marry me?" AHHH....!!!!!!!!!! I say yes with a huge smile on my face, and he responds like he was confused, and said..."Really?!?" LOL. We hugged and I told him yes I'll marry you, you silly!!!
You see...the first restraunt is where we were going to go. Then Plan B, the 2nd place fell thru as well. Then, the art place is where he wanted to ask after all went wrong, and he couldn't cause of construction. And he had planned to have asked me by 2 or 3 pm. not close to 8...lol. But he still found the perfect place. And we are both glad it happened this way. Another story to tell generation after generation. So before the end of this year, I will be married to the wonderful Kevin Goward and no longer be Raquel Rendon, but Raquel L. Goward. WOOHOO....!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Mini Update...

Okay, so as many of you know...I am now engaged to the fabulous, awesome, anointed, holy ghost filled young man, Kevin Goward.

It's been a great relationship, and I am so happy that he is the one for me. He truly has a heart after God. I can't wait to start the rest of my life with him.

I know everybody wants details...BUT...you all will have to WAIT...!!!! I am going to post pics with the story soon. Just right now...I am at the airport and can't exactly do that. But I promise, all the engagement information you all want will be posted soon. PROMISE...!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Time!!!

Our Revolution Live Ministries Youth Christmas Party....I didn't take much pics as I wanted but here is the very few I took...