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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bridal Shower

Okay, so I am sorry that I have kept you all out of the loop. But here we go...

So, today, Saturday, June 6 we had my bridal shower. It was the coolest bridal shower I have been too. Not saying that cause it's mine, but this was an unforgettable day.

First my poor dad worked his tail off setting up the backyard for us...it looked BEAUTIFUL!!! We just opened up our pool too so it was nice. Well, as a few guests are arriving and we are all mingling with one another suddenly out of no where we hear a huge shatter!!!! CRASH!!!!! I turn around and see one of our huge umbrellas on the grass just flinged over...hmmm? Okay? Well as I move the umbrella I see a huge pile of glass (from the table top) on AND in my grass!!! Uh oh...! So me and my lovely awesome bridesmaids, maids of honor and faithful and loyal friends, we all get on the ground and start picking up the glass. I was mostly worried about the grass since no one was hurt (thank God). You see, our family owns a lawn business so our lawn to my dad anyway is a top priority and with glass like embedded in I was worried what he would say. But once I told him what happened he was fine, just wanted to make sure everyone was okay.

Then...well, most the people are there we are all eating. The kids are by the pool putting their feet in. Well, my mini bride, Hyang, who I love to death decides to play around with one of the other kids. Well he was pretending to push her in but we are not sure how exactly it happened, but, she fell in. No one noticed cause she didn't scream, no splash, but I did kinda notice after seeing a quake in the water. So I noticed that she was wadding in the water which I thought she would be okay and pull herself out. But she didn't. She went into panic mode and was starting to sink, so I jumped in with clothes and all and got her out. Wow! This all happened within maybe a minute if that. People asked me how I did it and what was going thru my mind. Me being me, I said, I didn't want to look for another mini bride this late in the game, so I pulled her out. I was joking, obviously. So had to go change from my cute clothes to my not so cute clothes...ugh. Oh well...

The rest of the day was going great. We played many fun games (will post pictures soon). A friend and I the night before at a grad party had a cake fight. Then today we had a water fight (different friend). Then after that, my lovely friends, Mari, Sita and Ash decided to gang up on me and attempt to throw me in the pool. But they didn't think this little stick had a fight in her. I wrapped one leg around Sita's leg. How, I don't know. The other leg was going for Mari but she kept backing up, then my arms were around Ashley's legs. They didn't now even budge me. Somehow I got a baby cut on my foot but no idea where it came from. But if it scars, it will be a fun memory to talk about.

I had many wonderful guests, friends and family. You all are awesome and I want to thank you for all your support...and advice!!!! Hehe. I will miss these ladies once I move, but will always know that I have a place here in Colorado to call home and awesome friends to come back to when we visit!

Special thanks to my bridesmaids, my mom and my awesome friends...Carla (my matron of honor) for making my favorite dessert, Letty (my bridesmaid) for making that wonderful cake, Tammy (bridesmaid), Elicia (sister/maid of honor) and Billie Jean (maid of honor/cousin) for doing the games - it was fun, Barb (bridesmaid) and Bambi (bridesmaid) for the soda - it went far and it quenched our thirst Jackie (friend) and Felicia (friend) for helping set up, decorating and making all this happen and having fun with! Saved the best for last....Momma...thank you for making sure everything was done, taken care of, and always being there! These are the unforgettable memories we will cherish!